About the Book

About the Book

A Great Inspirational Book for those seeking meaning in their lives

Internalize the hidden Secrets of the Codes of Life, embedded in ancient writings spanning thousands of years

Deal with Everyone and Everything in your life – overcome Challenges, manage Events, enhance Relationships and resolve Conflicts by applying Meditation, Creative Thinking and Self-Hypnosis. Use all of this to take control and motivate yourself through an on-going process of Self-empowerment

Move forward step-by-step – Get into the space where you want to be Join the thousands who have taken the step…
Fantastical real life stories illustrating the Secrets and Rules in action

* How to break the chains of habit and control everything you do
* Start living a life of ‘Certainty-Absolute-Certainty’
* Learn how to turn the Impossible into the Possible
* Abra-Ca-Dabra – three words in ancient Aramaic, learn their secrets and how to take control
* Turn your close lifetime relationships into happy and harmonious experiences

* Make all aspects of your relationships positive and fruitful
* Prepare for all eventualities, expect the unexpected
* Open up the channels in your mind – download brilliant solutions
* Reprogram your brain to receive, recognize and broadcast messages
* No accident is an accident

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