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It all started when Eliyahu was recruited to head up an organisation running a network of camps and training centers for children and young adults. To
support the aims of the organisation he created a suite of training programs,
intended to turn members into leaders capable of thinking on their feet and
respond to the individual needs of all those they would lead.

The training programs were designed to develop the full range of abilities required by an effective leader in a dynamic organisation.

In addition Eliyahu initiated innovative forms of administration and organisation to manage the ever increasing range of activities.

Eliyahu graduated to businessman and entrepreneur when he took on a second full-time job in insurance while remaining a school Principal. Having exceeded expectations in both jobs, neither employer believed Eliyahu when he eventually told them he had another full-time job on the side… When he eventually left education and moved into the financial world he established new projects in many fields, including insurance, lease and mortgage financing, reinsurance, creation of unique investment bonds. In addition to advising companies and individuals on a whole range of activities; from the setting up of a successful mail order house, to restructuring a major printing organisation, a journey via the development of promotions for a Disney franchise.

On being appointed Executive Director of a large philanthropic foundation he returned to London, networking then brought him into contact with many of the prime movers and shakers of the time, laying the foundations for a number of later ventures.

In parallel to his business career, Eliyahu devised and developed a number of training courses focussing on all aspects of business negotiation, conflict resolution, the associated communication skills and their practical application; learning the importance of analysing the eventual outcome of any form of negotiation, successful or otherwise. Over the years these courses have been commissioned both by a number of major international corporations and smaller groups in the financial, entrepreneurial and sales arenas, Eliyahu then delivering to thousands of people in many parts of the world.

Originally an educationalist and school principal, Eliyahu has always retained a thirst for knowledge and understanding; long years of research, delving deeply into the secrets of life, applying this knowledge and understanding as a mentor and guide to countless others.

Eliyahu’s career as businessman and entrepreneur cruised the heights and plumbed the depths as he applied the knowledge within to reach beyond – to prove the impossible possible – taking small opportunities and expanding them beyond all recognition, always agile in successfully responding to the challenges and ups and downs of life, ethical considerations always in mind. Eliyahu’s philosophy in business life: maximize the upside, minimize the downside; know when to walk away.

Eliyahu’s fortunes have ranged widely over the years, a roller coaster from the inordinately wealthy, through periods of great financial risk and difficulty, and right back up again.  In this he has always been upbeat, ever responding to challenges by shrugging his shoulders, standing up and brushing himself off,  rebuilding over and over again, never missing a beat.
Over time he worked with many high-profile entrepreneurs, businessmen and political leaders, bringing them solutions and guiding them through times of great change, in those situations never standing out in front; the king-maker, not the king.

On many occasions this has led to him finding himself placed front and center, negotiating for conflict resolution, developing core contracts for major banks and corporations; over time he has ended up creating and controlling several public companies.

Eliyahu has led a life of many adventures, living the principles of the Codes of Life, as accumulated over thousands of years; succeeding almost miraculously in both going through and coming out unscathed. Making it his life’s mission to show others how to change their lives, he has acted as a guide and mentor to thousands.
Read the book, a practical step-by-step guide, let Eliyahu take you through the secrets embedded in the Codes of Life, illustrating them with real-life stories and his own experiences, all designed to help you change your life

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